Because some ignorant people, no matter if Mamamoo fans or not, didn’t get the meaning of what Byul said in her latest radio show with Sandeul, I want to inform you guys about what she really said and meant.

So if you paid close attention to what she said, you can see that Byulyi added the sentence “… a(Girl)group that can do anything well”. I don’t get why so many people feel offended. First of all, it’s her personal opinion, she can say what she wants. Personally I think that Mamamoo is a group who has proved that they’re capable of doing pretty much of everything Byul described. But I have to accept the fact that Byul’s opinion is different and that’s okay.

Second, Byul never talked bad about other groups, she just said that for her, there’s no female version of BTS and she’s right about it. Just stop talking shit.

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