[SOLARSIDO] 190516 Cho-Bom and Yongkong Byulko…

[SOLARSIDO] 190516 Cho-Bom and Yongkong Byulkong’s First collaboration!!!

“It’s our first broadcast together, and it’s our second time together. It’s a little awkward.
Thank you so much for visiting my house. I can’t remember what I said.
TMI: I arrived in Korea at 8 a.m. and we cleaned up for an hour. We went out to buy a table, went to Bucheon, bought some food, and came back to the house to set up some food and welcome Cho Rong and Bomi.^^ It was hard, but it was so fun. After all, I regretted at the group chat room, saying, “You’ll make it more interesting…"”

[IG] 190515 Lipton KR : “Solar Pick : Lipton l…

[IG] 190515 Lipton KR : “Solar Pick : Lipton liquid ice tea! ❤️
Squeeze it & shake it? that’s allㅋ 😆 0 of the inconvenience of powder with liquid! Even the calories are 0! People who want to try it, go to the comments now. Solar will give liquid ice tea to 10 people who shout out why they must have lipton liquid ice tea! (till ~ 5/20, 5/24 announcement)” (trans)

(video) : “Everyone, isn’t this a totally fresh item? Have you imagined squeezing & drinking this ice tea?! Peach mango, lemon lime, there’s even two versions released!!!! (the fun of choosing & drinking, good good!) Just squeeze it in water, shake it and drink it~ and you’re done! isn’t it so simple? That’s right^^ Have a fast and easy mood change with Solar!” (trans)

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