Could u maybe give me some advice…?? I have …

Could u maybe give me some advice…?? I have a crush on my friend. I am scared to confess because I don’t know how they will react. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. If a friend were to ask u out what would u do..?

please don’t take what I say as the ultimate truth or solution because every situation is different of course. there are a lot of factors you should think of for this scenario. how well do you know your friend and what a possible reaction could be? will you be able to deal with a potential rejection of your feelings? will it be okay for you to stay friends despite your feelings and them not returning them or will it hurt you too much in the long run? do you think there is a possibility of these feelings to simply fade over a certain period of time? lot to think about. I was in a similiar situation once where I had to decide whether I speak about my feelings or not and had the same worries. but I think in the end if your friend is a real one they will find the right solution together with you. and who knows. maybe they feel the same after all.

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