r-grimes: More examples at my instagram. :) (a…


More examples at my instagram. 🙂 (also see there how my progress is!)

Adding another person – 8€ (on the same drawing)

Background – usually in this color style you can see above

The above prices are the minimum prices. Please keep in mind that I only do realistic drawings and not any anime/cartoon style. Drawings can also be  done in black and white! (for more examples visit my instagram)

I need a template picture! This is very important since I need the anatomy and colors from each picture picked before I can add any details. I have a very specific drawing style, so please keep in mind that you drawing will turn out roughly as the original file.


  • Tumblr via direct message
  • on my instagram
  • via E-Mail: sieglaura7@gmail.com

Payment will be after the full drawing! I’ll send the drawing with a watermark to you, and if there’s no changes to be done, I’m kindly asking you to provide me with your paypal email to send an invoice.

Thank you so much for your cooperation! And please keep in mind that for every commission, I will donate to the mamamoo ad fundraiser  in order to help our girls, since rbw is not doing a great job with that lmao

A few more important notes:

  • I have a lot time in the next few days, but I’m also only human so please don’t rush me :’)
  • All commission prices are in Euro (€).

  • I have the right to refuse any commissions
  • Please have your picture you would like to be drawn ready when you message me! The workflow process is much easier that way and we will get everything done way faster.
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