[SOLARSIDO] 191205 VLOG : Inkigayo, fansign, n…

[SOLARSIDO] 191205 VLOG : Inkigayo, fansign, new Inkigayo sandwich, and… sudden Golden Bell

“I heard there’s not much talking in vlogs… but mine doesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ For many Yongwangnims who wondered how I spend my day! Especially how I move during album promotions, so I prepared this vlogㅎㅎ
We have a lot of schedules during album promotions, so fans also don’t get much sleep and go through a hard time together with us. Thank you so much for always supporting us! I think we’re able to do better on our stages with that strenghtㅎ Also, our members and staff who took part in this in a fun way, thank you♡” (trans)

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